DataMiner is the brain child of two guys from the service industry. While sitting back having a few beers in a live music venue in Nashville, they watched a beautiful girl walk around, trying to solicit information from customers. The two discussed how there HAD to be a better way to stay in touch with clientele and build more customers. After months of exhausted research, they found nothing that enticed customers to give their information voluntarily. So, they decided to create software that not only collects information EASILY, but can be searchable later for marketing purposes, AND makes your customers feel special for giving their information to your venue. After slight trial and error, DataMiner was born.

DataMiner allows its user to roar through a crowd without a clipboard, pad or paper. All they need is an iPod or an iPhone  with a camera (Android and Blackberry Coming Soon). We designed this with the iPod Touch v4 in mind. All you have to do is go up to a person or group, take a picture, and add a name and email to the people in the picture. Within several seconds, the picture is emailed to everyone in it, with a special offer attached to the bottom of the email; and DataMiner has collected their information in an organized fashion and cataloged the picture. 


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