Companies have been trying to collect client information since the invention of the post office. Being able to easily communicate with your clients is important for promoting upcoming events. For the longest time collecting this information has always been difficult.  Even if you offered a special deal in exchange for information, they would often give false information just to take advantage of whatever you were offering at the time.

DataMiner has now solved this problem.  For several years now, it’s common to have someone walking around taking pictures so that you will have photos for your website and social networks. DataMiner now allows you to use this same interaction as way to collect information from your clients.  Because the client’s email address is the core to the system, in return for their information, they get an email copy of the photo you have taken.  Because the client is going to want the photo, they will give you an email address that they use, which insures you are getting valid information from them.

For more information on DataMiner’s admin features, please review our Admin Details page.  For more information on how the application works, please review our user’s guide.


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